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So what does having 10k, 20k or even 30k LinkedIn connections actually mean if you never meet any of them 'in real life' (IRL)? Meet LunchIn™, the exciting new lunchtime networking concept that people are raving about.

December 2017
Video Marketing

LunchIn™ - It's All About Everyone

So what if there was a place (with a great vibe) where you could meet your connections locally to you, where it was all about everyone, where everyone's contribution was valued and where it wasn't about badges, job titles or the car you drive? Well that place is here, that place is LunchIn™.

To support their Crowdfunding Campaign, JOBVIDDY produced a promotional video and a number of Interview style videos featuring the Founders and current LunchIn™ members.

Early morning workout in Gothenburg for the JOBVIDDY team before filming - bobble hats not compulsory!
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